IPerf for Windows CE

iPerf is a well-known bandwidth monitoring application, ported on many Unix platforms. The main objective of this project is to port the iPerf to Microsoft Windows CE. To compile the software, you will need Embedded Microsoft Visual C++. You can download it for free from Microsoft . The software was tested with the version 3.0, the current version is 4.0. If the download from Microsoft does not work, you can try from here . Please use this link only as a backup, since it is not stable. The source is available as a zip file, iperf-windowsce.zip

To build, unzip the zip file. Then open the iperf.vcw in Embedded Microsoft Visual C++, select the hardware architecture you want and build and press buildAll button. After you start the program iPerf on the Windows CE device, click on File, and select iPerf. In the dialog, you can select five parameters for the iperf client: the file where the report should be written, the host on which the server runs, the interval on which the report should be done and the total duration of the experiment. After that, press the Start button, and the client will start.

I did not extensively tested the program, just to see it works for TCP. Also, for now, it cannot run as a server, only as a client.

If the application exits without any warning, please check the error file, maybe some useful information is there.

I am not the original writer of the iPerf package, and I am not an expert in that area. Nevertheless, if you have any problems, please feel to drop me an e-mail if you have any questions, found any bugs, etc.

If your really need a binary version and you cannot compile, drop me an e-mail and I will try to help you.